From thought to action

Manan Learning Solutions is founded by Shahid Q. Manan, who is a specialist in general medicine and has many years of teaching experience.
Shahid has particular experience from the pre-hospital sector, where for many years he has taught emergency medicine and still do it.

Dr. Manan was a medical student when he got the idea to start a website where medical students could share their notes and compendiums with other was founded in 1999 and has since been extensively used by medical students from across the country, as well as other stakeholders from the health science programs.

Daily around 700-800 visitors.

Total over 2.0 million visits since its launch.

It is in this light that Shahid has now started a new project. The idea is a website with video based sub display.
A tool that gives students the opportunity to see / revisit the lectures and therefore have significantly better chances to get through the exams smoothly and effectively.

MLS has assigned the trained and expertise web designers, IT server infrastructure, digital audio/ knowledge production, post production and PR since the very beginning.
It is a strong team who are passionate about their work and want to contribute new IT solutions for the education sector.

In MLS, we have worked with IT teams in India, which has – in cooperation with us – developed our thoughts and ideas into a visible product;

We’ve got a good contact with knowledgeable people who want the same as us. This applies both nationally and internationally judgment.

MLS now offers

A dynamic scalable cloud server solution.

A fast and efficient “walk-in” HD studio setup for recording.

An automated encoding process quickly make video files ready for online use.

A simple and intuitive website that is ready to handle a large number of training videos and users.