sqadia advantages

Freedom of time and place

In case of illness, vacation or other absences teaching can very easily be followed. The videos can be viewed anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Advanced search

The user can search in all videos. It is possible to browse the topics and words in the content of the videos. No need to scroll an entire video to find a sequence.

Watch it again and again ...

In preparation of exams you can now just with a few clicks find the exact passage, which you can not remember. New knowledge takes time to learn and learning increases with each repetition.

Online booking

The time for video recording can be booked online. The university decides itself the recording place. We also have mobile studios for recordings on faculties.

Numerous recordings

The students can see all the university’s videos. Thus, one can always refresh “old” knowledge from previous semesters. Teaching has become much easier.

Quality audio

The sound is paramount to the message is not misinterpreted. We attach great importance to the sound is clear. Only the best is good enough for our recordings.

A complete solution!

We stand for video recordings and video-hosting as well. A complete solution that does not involve complex systems which the university have to maintain.


We take care of all the legal matters concerning the rights and copyright. We will make contracts with the teachers and ensure that all parties are protected.


We are continuously developing our setup, both in terms of equipment and workflow. We use the latest technologies, and is always at the forefront and ready to face new challenges.

Userfriendly experience

We put great importance to the users of sqadia.com has an effortless and intuitive experience when they visit the website.

Quick proces

Our solution allows for quick digitizing, so the videos are available online in a short time. Currently within the same day.


Our advanced statistics system makes it possible very accurately to evaluate the use of the individual videos. Data can uniquely provide the basis for optimization of the content.