sqadia offers


sqadia.com offers recording of teaching in our “walk-in” studio on Siestavej in Glostrup. The studio is designed such that both the teacher and graphic presentation is being recorded simultaneously. There is therefore no further editing or post-production associated with the video production.


Before a video is ready for online use, it must be coded to different formats. This ensures that all devices and platforms can run the video.


We host both the website and video material on our own dedicated servers. The servers are flexible and scalable, ensuring that we always can quickly adapt the system as needed.


Sqadia.com is quick to navigate to specific lectures and courses you are looking for. Search filter is designed in a way that it is easy with a few clicks to reach the desired result, whether your starting point is a specific training, education or a strand. sqadia.com is responsive and can run on all devices and platforms.

User administration

It’s quick and easy to register and use sqadia.com. If there are special security needs with regard to the material, we make sure to create user groups with rights that meet them.

In short

sqadia.com is very much about quality, but certainly also about quantity. Therefore, the entire production process, from booking of recording and the videos are online, as short as possible. This means that we can quickly and relatively low cost can get a lot of shots in house and online.